We address the needs of our clients through the discovery and application of unique investment insights. “Insight” is the key word here. Having insight is more than simply having an idea. Insight is something we experience. It implies a greater depth of penetration into an issue, and suggests a greater, more thorough understanding. Because we experience insight, it is personal and unique to us. This statement makes clear that we are not here to merely package and sell ideas, nor to focus on simply improving on what everyone else does. We find our own approach. We stand on our own.


Socially Responsible Investment


Empowered through our independence and transparency, we have maintained a long-held practice of investing responsibly, aware of our corporate duty to our investors and stewardship as a passionate member of the European fund management industry.

As Risk Managers, we seek to mitigate as many risk factors as we can identify, which resolutely includes risks associated with poor governance and shareholder underrepresentation, irreverence to social issues such as health and safety, and environmental challenges, particularly in respect of fossil fuel reserves.


Strategic Alliances


Our partnerships drive our success. With more than three decades of experience, we have built long-term relationships with institutional investors, financial advisors, fund managers, banks and consultants. We are truly invested in the mutual success of our partnerships.

We are confident that the United Capitals can lead you to achieve your investment forecasts. It is because United Capitals team and strategic partners have the potential to become a highly regarded resource in local, regional, national, and international markets.